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The automotive industry is global, fiercely competitive, credit-sensitive, and environmentally significant. RNB Research addresses the complex market research needs of major global automotive and tyre manufacturers, component suppliers, oil companies, dealers, and automotive financial services.

RNB Research's automotive researchers have been providing advanced marketing research and consultative services to the automotive industry for over 12 years.
Vehicle Research
Types of Research Models Offered
• Advertising & Media Expenditures - RNB AdPreTM
• Market Segmentation Research - RNB PositionTM
• New Product Research - RNB ProConTM
• Consumer Preference Research - RNB TrackTM
• Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty - RNB CSMTM
• Sales & Demand Forecasting -RNB ForecastTM

RNB Research also owns and operates the Automotive & B2B online panels for use in Automotive Marketing Research in Asia

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If you would like more information on our Automotive Market Research Models, Please Contact Shailesh(shailesh@rnbresearch.com)
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