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Desk Research involves gathering of data that already exists inexpensively from a larger pool of Resources.

We at RNB Research uses a 5 step disciplined approach towards our Desk Research.

Plan - Desk research is a planned approach. There is an objective and a end result which needs to be linked at each step to achieve the desired results.

Timetable - With millions of available sources to choose from a researcher may get bombarded with a lot of information that may not be required. The plan needs to be finalized with the required timetable with milestones.

Record and Validate - Every bit of information collected needs to be recorded, evaluated and validated. This is the most important step ensuring credibility of the data collected and ensures the research is on track.

Integrate - All the information needs to be arranged and integrated to logically link topics together to ensure the research objective is met as per the plan document.

Present - The data needs to be presented in a format that is visually appealing to the end reader. Fonts, Content placement, Reading styles, Colors etc need special attention and confirmation before submission.

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