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RNB Research is the leading provider of strategic media intelligence to Advertisers, PR and media planning agencies, production companies & industry affiliates.

From innovation and concept testing services through advanced analytics capabilities, RNB Research has a wide array of services to help Advertising & Entertainment companies build and sustain a winning concept.

Our team of Media research specialists has the industry experience to understand the complex issues & provide the most complete understanding of how consumers get information, consume media and buy goods and services.

Media Intelligence
Types of Research Models Offered
• Product Development Research - RNB ProConTM
• Advertisement Expenditure & Policies - RNB AdPreTM
• Brand Equity Research - RNB NameTM
• Concept Development Research - RNB ConceptTM
• Product Pricing - RNB PricingTM
• Market Segmentation Studies - RNB PositionTM
• Usage Studies - RNB Track & RNB CSMTM
• Buying Behavior Studies of Consumer - RNB TargetTM
• Movie Screenings & Exit Interviews

RNB Research also owns and operates the Advertising & Media online panels for use in Media Research in Asia.

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