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Telecommunication and Internet Research

RNB Research provides market research and strategic analysis for the Telecom & IT industry.Telecom carriers, transmission and switching equipment vendors, platform providers, software developers, eBusiness and IT services look to RNB Research for strategic information and competitive analysis.

Our team of technology research specialists can handle the most difficult marketing problems and research assignments, and has the technical background to understand the complex issues facing these industries.

Types of Research Models Offered
• Brand Equity Research - RNB NameTM
• Market Segmentation Research - RNB PositionTM
• New Product Research - RNB ProConTM
• Consumer Preference Research - RNB TrackTM
• Product Advertising Research - RNB AdPreTM
• Advertisement Concept Research - RNB ConceptTM

RNB Research also owns and operates the Telecom, Gamer's & ITDM online panels for use in Telecom & IT Research in Asia.

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