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Translations Services RNB Research's Asia wide network of more than 700 professional       linguists & dedicated staff provides professional & responsive       services that saves time & simplifies the process.
World class Computer Aided Translation (CAT) technology through       tools such as Across, Trades, Transit & Word Fast.
Unicode training & support for non - European & Asian language's.
All our Professional translators are native speakers of the respective       target language.
Our translations are accurate on time & culturally sensitive.
Questionnaires, screeners, open ends, verbatim - You name it we know how to deal with it
Look a like formatting & thorough editing & proofreading of all documents prior to delivery.
Market Research background & experience in handling multi Asian country projects.Offices in India, China,       Middle East.
Dedicated project mangers for enhanced client - vendor co - ordination & a faster turnaround time.

"Market Research language partner for Asia"

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